Top Five reasons that Anarkali suits are there in almost every girl’s wardrobe?

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 They make you look tall! There is no denying that Anarkali suits make you look about an inch taller. The long flowing pleats start almost as soon as the bust ends and it has the effect of your over all body looking taller

 Anarkali suit looks wonderful on women of a short stature. All you need to do is to buy one with slightly heavy work at the lower part so that the frill is kept under control.

   They hide the problem areas. Let's face it we all go through our ups and downs of being in and out of shape. An Anarkali suit is one of the most clever camouflage ever.The long flowing dress efficiently hides the ounces(pounds) of extra fat that you’ve gained pigging it over in the holiday season.

    A dress for every occasion.  This dress has literally withstood the test of time and perhaps no other dress can match up to its longevity. The Anarkali in its basic design gives the designer an empty canvas. A classic design like this can be worn to a Wedding, a Ball, a State Dinner, a Festival and to a Birthday party. In fact no other dress can Give an Indian woman such flexibility as a well made Anarkali.


The long flow of the Anarkali suit gives the designer an empty canvas to paint on

   There is one for everyone! This is one dress which suits women of all shape and sizes and the secret for this is its long frill. A skillful tailor can play around with the pleats and the frills and can make most Anarkali design suit you irrespective of your height, weight and build up. One thing that can be easily done is to pick up a Semi-stitched design from here or many other online stores available and spend the money you save on a good tailor to make the Anarkali a custom fit for you.  

   If you search Google for Anarkalis you will probably be inundated with about close to 300,000 results. the fact is that there are almost unlimited options available for available to a customer today. With the almost unlimited choices available you are sure to find one to suit yourself sooner than later.


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